Research Designed For Agriculture

Lee West President & CEO RD4Ag

Lee West

President & CEO

Steve West


Research Director

Amy Spencer


Team Lead

Kenny Roche DPH


 Group Lead


Sally Hill


Team Lead

Lee West President & CEO RD4Ag

Adriana Solorzano

HR / Marketing Specialist

Kathy Richards

Technical Coordinator

Connor Osgood

Research Agronomist II

Francisco Villegas

Assistant Plot Care Manager

Steve Kinney

QA Inspector

Lee West President & CEO RD4Ag

Robert Hill

Facility Maintenance Specialist

Gerry Cervantes

Research Technician II

Fabian Sanchez

Research Biologist I

Jose Carrillo

Research Technician I

Cesar Melendrez

Research Biologist I

Caesar Villa

Plot Care Technician I

Manuel Padilla

Plot Care Technician I

Alan Cruz

Plot Care Technician I

Carlos Ventura

Plot Care Technician I

While actively engaged in developing tomorrow agriculture, RD4Ag is also actively engaged in developing tomorrows agriculturalists.


We operate an extensive Intern Program and want to share this with you.

We love our interns so please visit our Intern Page to view more about our program and to see key agriculturalists of the future.


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