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A Message From All Of Us At RD4AG


What an amazing business we are in and what an honor to have this opportunity.

Around the globe people are striving to grow food: some just to survive, some looking for cleaner or more efficient ways, and some seeking impressively elegant, sustainable solutions.

Each of us brings our unique skills along with the will to make a contribution to bettering how food and fiber are grown.

We join arms and hearts with all of you who contribute to this noble profession of agriculture. We at RD4AG wish you all these things:

May your soil be rich,

May your seeds germ with all the potential you have given them,

May the sun shine brightly,

May the rain fall softly and at just the right time

May you harvest the yields of your hard work.

May we all do this with the same sense of wonder as the earliest agrarian peoples who first strove to grow a better crop than the year before.

And if you need help – be aware that we are here and ready. Click here to see the services we provide.



ASTA Online


Owing to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 ASTA CSS & Seed Expo will be a virtual event this year.


And RD4AG will be present and exhibiting as a key contributor to the Association and the Expo.


Steve West and many more of our employees will be attending and we hope that we shall see you all at this on-line event.


You'll be able to visit our booth to learn more about out research capability and to schedule 1:1 meetings to discuss you particular needs.


More information is available from the Expo website or by clicking here.


Or to learn more about our Seed Services Offerings or to details of some of our Ongoing Research click here


New Techniques To Resolve Old Problems


Here at RD4 AG we are always looking to improve our evaluation techniques to meet the growing demands for more objective and repeatable methodologies.


The traditional methods of standing at the edge of a plot and estimating vigor or trying to determine the percent of a leaf covered with a disease are not accurate nor repeatable enough for reliability as more subtle differences between treatments need to be teased out.  And Let’s face it, anyone who has done muck of this knows that the evaluations Monday morning are not the same as Friday Afternoon.


We are aggressively developing and implementing methods and programs with a continuous investment in technology.  The areas we are focusing on at this point are imagery for a range of evaluations, NDVI for greenness and infrared radiometry for canopy temperature and water stress. We soon expect to use a sonar type device for plant heights.

Surveys of research methods suggest that up to 75% or methods used for objective evaluations are based on images.  The ability to provide an automated and consistent evaluation of images can yield more accurate results and a significant saving in time.



Read more about out work and the results we obtained in our white paper and presentation  here, visit our blog or Call Us to see how our use of this technology can help your research objectives.




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